Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) Information – Jan 2019

For the 2018-2019 school year, the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) for grades 3-6 Reading and Mathematics will be administered as paper-based tests.  This is a change from the previous transition to computer-based testing.  As such, FSA Test Design Summaries and Test Item Specifications have been updated by the Department of Education to reflect the format changes.  In addition, student practice tests have been revised to align with the paper-based tests and are available to allow students time to interact with the new format.  These practice tests will help students learn how to properly bubble and grid test answers and also allow them to review new item types that will be specific to paper-based assessments.

The FSA computer-based practice tests for Grades 7–8 Mathematics and Algebra 1 and Geometry EOCs have also been updated with additional examples of items that will appear on computer-based tests this spring.  These tests will contain new technology enhanced item types that students have not encountered on previous state assessments.  The updated practice tests will allow students to become more familiar with the types of questions prior to the spring assessment.

Additional information for the Florida Standards Assessments can be found here:  https://fsassessments.org/

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