SJCSD Wins Eco Champion Award

eco Champion AwardsThe St. Johns County School District (SJCSD) distributes information about its energy incentives through its public dashboard, which has earned it the “Best Public Dashboard” award in EnergyCAP’s 2023 Eco Champion Awards.

In September 2008, the School Board adopted an innovative Energy Management Program (EMP) to control and optimize the cost and consumption of energy and related products across all district facilities.

Since the inception of the EMP, the footprint of SJCSD’s facilities has expanded significantly; the district’s gross facility footprint grew by over 35% from 4,977,748 square feet in 2008 to 6,746,702 square feet by the end of FY 2020. Despite this growth, the district has demonstrated remarkable efficiency improvements and cost savings through its energy management strategies and has publicized the data through its EnergyCAP Public Dashboard.

The SJCSD’s efforts are highlighted through comprehensive dashboards that track energy, water, sewer usage and costs across more than 40 school sites and over 180 accounts. While natural gas utility bills are currently tracked outside of the Energy Management Program, the district is actively working to integrate all commodities into its energy management system.

View the SJCSD Utilities Overview Dashboard.