Florida’s Legislative Session Begins January 14th

The annual 60-day Legislative Session begins January 14th and legislators in each chamber have developed full and wide-ranging agendas to accomplish within this brief window.

Each session, the only bill the state constitution requires to be passed is the budget. To begin the process this year, the governor has proposed a number of education funding priorities, including mental health and compensation. However, it is ultimately the role of the legislature to determine the state spending plan and the conclusion of this debate often occurs in the final days of session.

Of the many policy topics to be taken up in the coming weeks, teacher compensation is likely to command significant attention as the Senate and House of Representatives begin to roll out and negotiate competing plans to address both recruitment and retention.

Additionally, building upon past sessions and the findings of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission, lawmakers are expected to continue to promote legislation in the areas of school safety and mental health.

Other topics of legislative consideration will include career and technical education, professional development, and student-athlete safety.

For detailed information on last year’s legislation, and to find committee membership lists, contact information and additional advocacy resources, including a copy of the district’s legislative platform, please visit our Government Relations website.

Government Relations is always working to involve more administrators, teachers, and parents in advocating for the district. If you have a group of faculty or a PTO who would like more information on how to effectively communicate with elected officials and advocate for the priorities of the district, please contact Colin Kirkland via email at [email protected] or telephone at 547-7673 to set up a presentation.