Valley Ridge Academy (New School “II”)

K-8 School II August 2014


Scope of Project: The project includes construction of a new K-8 school (Grades K-8) located at 105 Greenleaf Drive in northeast St. Johns County to accommodate approximately 1,000 students as part of the District’s Five Year Building Plan. Classroom areas will accommodate groupings of multi-age students using teaching teams, as well as more traditional same-grade groupings. Movable walls opening between classroom pairs will enhance cooperative learning while common areas will allow for flexible uses in this updated “house” design concept. This design will enable teachers and paraprofessionals to work cooperatively to facilitate learning for students through a variety of activities. The facility also includes state of the art instructional technology.

Total Project Budget: $28,277,000 (includes construction cost, site work, professional services, furniture and equipment)

Funding Source: Site donated by Nocatee developer: The Parc Group. Construction funded by Certificates of Participation (COPs), School Impact Fees, and Capital Outlay & Debt Service (CO & DS).

Estimated Date of Completion: The project is scheduled to be completed in August 2014



Tercilla Courtemanche Architects, Inc.
2047 Vista Parkway, Suite 100
West Palm Beach, Fl 33411
Mr. Rene Tercilla
Mr. Lance Courtemanche



Elkins Constructors, Inc.
P. O. Box 2396
Jacksonville, FL 32203

Note: For additional information, please contact Paul Rose, Executive Director for Facilities and New Construction, St. Johns County School District, 3740 International Golf Parkway, Ste. 200, St. Augustine, FL 32092, (904) 547-8150.

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