Public Records Request Protocol

The Florida Public Records Law authorizes the public to inspect, photograph and copy public records maintained by the St. Johns County School District. Public records are records made or received in connection with the District’s official business. However, there are many statutory exemptions from public records disclosure, and some records are statutorily designated as confidential (student information, social security numbers, health care records, etc.).

District protocol requires the on – site records custodian, or the Community Relations Department’s (CRD) staff as the custodian’s designee, to review requested records to confirm they are subject to public disclosure under the Florida Public Records Law and to coordinate inspection and copying.

An individual requesting to inspect, photograph or obtain copies of public records does not have to show identification or give a reason for the request. If request is being made in person, the individual may remain in the lobby of the school or building where the request is being made while the request is processed in accordance with this protocol.

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