School Grades 2019

School grades released by the Florida Department of Education show that the St. Johns County School District continues to be a top performing district in the state and is one of only two that has consistently remained an “A” rated district. St. Johns County had 31 “A” schools, seven “B” schools, one “C” school and one “D” school.

Fourteen elementary schools, four middle schools, all six of the district’s K-8 academies, five high schools, St. Johns Virtual Franchise and St. Johns Virtual Instructional Program all received a grade of “A” this year.

“Our students have benefitted from the hard work and dedication of our teachers, and I am extremely proud of their efforts,” said Superintendent Tim Forson. “Our school grades reaffirm that our focus and resources are applied to help our students succeed. They also provide the opportunity for us to hone in on areas and schools that may need additional support in the coming year.”

The elementary schools receiving an “A” are Cunningham Creek Elementary, Durbin Creek Elementary, W.D. Hartley Elementary, Hickory Creek Elementary, R.B. Hunt Elementary, Julington Creek Elementary, Ketterlinus Elementary, Ocean Palms Elementary, Osceola Elementary, Palencia Elementary, Picolata Crossing Elementary, PVPV/Rawlings Elementary, Timberlin Creek Elementary and Wards Creek Elementary.

The middle schools with an “A” are Fruit Cove, Alice B. Landrum, Pacetti Bay and Switzerland Point. Freedom Crossing, Mill Creek, Liberty Pines, Patriot Oaks, Valley Ridge, Mill Creek, Freedom Crossing and Palm Valley academies received an “A” as did Bartram Trail, Creekside, Allen D. Nease, Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine high schools. St. Johns Virtual School also received an “A”.

Otis A. Mason Elementary, R.J. Murray Middle, St. Augustine Public Montessori, Gamble Rogers Middle, Sebastian Middle, Pedro Menendez High and South Woods Elementary schools received a “B” this year. John A. Crookshank Elementary School received a “C”, and St. Johns Technical High School received a Maintaining rating this year. The Webster School received a “D”.

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