Negotiations Update 2022-2023

At the monthly St. Johns County School Board meeting on Tues., May 9 an impasse presentation was added to the agenda by Superintendent Tim Forson. Mr. Michael Spellman, PA, who has represented the district during the impasse process presented the Special Magistrate’s report focusing on inconsistencies, many of which could pose legal questions and financial issues for the district. At the conclusion of Spellman’s presentation, Forson stated that he would be recommending that the school board accept the recommended decision of the Special Magistrate which include the following:

  • Pay for Performance: Increases added to base pay
    Highly Effective: $2,029
    Effective and Grandfathered: $1,522
  • Increases the Associate Teacher beginning salary from $35,000 to $36,000.

He then asked that the chief negotiators for the St. Johns Education Association (SJEA) and the school district, to meet and determine collective understanding of the impact on the salary schedule due to the statutory requirements that come from these increases.

As of today, negotiations are complete with SJEA for the 2022-2023 school year. The ratification vote for instructional staff in SJEA will be held Wed., May 17 and Thurs., May 18.  If ratified, the agreements will then go to the school board for a vote.