High School Showcase Cancellation

The St. Johns County Programs of Choice High School Showcase scheduled for Thursday, January 13, 2022 at World Golf Village has been cancelled. This decision is provided as a precautionary measure for the health of the families, faculty, staff and various community partners our school district serves and as an acknowledgement for the potential strain large events could place on the systems served by our schools.

A special High School Showcase link will become active at 3:30 on Thursday, January 13th and will remain active until the close of the application process. This link will be provided via email communication, will be available on each high school website homepage and will be located on the CTE website.

There will also be a link on each school website for access to resources for the various programs of choice and application process.

Each high school is still planning to host “Academy Nights” as previously advertised. The high schools will provide on-site precautionary measures for these events. If there are changes to these events, they will be advertised in advance.

We appreciate continued community support and understanding as we listen to our community’s needs and concerns and respond accordingly.