2024 Solar Eclipse

2024 Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse — an event that occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun — will occur on April 8th. In Northeast Florida, the eclipse will begin at approximately 1:48 PM, and will reach its maximum at 3:05 PM. Due to our geographic location, the sun will be about 70% eclipsed at its maximum, which means the sun may only appear slightly dimmer than usual.

Even during a partial eclipse, there are safety concerns for students and staff; therefore, schools will not organize viewing activities of the solar eclipse. Absences will be excused if parents decide to keep their child at home or request early dismissal.

Safety guidelines should be followed if families decide to view the eclipse.

  • Do not look directly into the sun during the solar eclipse, as it could be harmful to your vision.
  • Do not look into the sun without proper eye protection.
  • Do not look at the sun through a telescope or binoculars.
  • Do not look at the sun through sunglasses, smoked glasses, or welder’s glasses.
  • Do not look at the sun through a camera/smart phone.

The only safe method for viewing the solar eclipse is by using special-purpose solar filters such as eclipse glasses or hand-held solar viewers. NASA does not approve any particular brand of solar viewer as stated on the NASA website.

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