History Fair Winners 2016

awardsRoughly 100 students participated in the 4th Annual St. Johns County History Fair in February. Award winners were recognized at a ceremony held at First Coast Technical College on Wednesday, February 24, 2016.

Junior Division Winners

Individual website
1st – Kason Ancelin, Switzerland Point Middle, “Louis Pasteur’s Fight Against Disease”
2nd- Jennifer Balestra, Alice B. Landrum Middle, “Nelly Bly and Her Exploration of Americas Insane Asylums”
3rd – Joshua Jacobs, Fruit Cove Middle, “Expensive Explorations”

Group website
1st – Nathaniel Duck, Colin Ngin and Daniel Goodrich, Switzerland Point, “Challenger”
2nd – Jordan Sabo and Lindsey Sabo, Switzerland Point, “Encounter of the Solanas: Influence on Florida”
3rd – Mohit Ballikar, Deven Ellis and Joshua Prohofsky, Fruit Cove, “What went wrong between Andrew Jackson and the Cherokee Nation”.

Individual performance
1st – Nima Goodman, Landrum, “Exploration of the Life of Pocahontas”

Group performance
1st – Ethan Grunow-Drew and Alan Michael, Switzerland Point, “Fibonacci”
2nd – Ainsley Wiechens and Kayla Wiechens, Switzerland Point, “Ruth Wakefield”
3rd – Philip Baratelli, Lucas Comparato, Brady Teichman and Jude Howell, Fruit Cove, “Sparta’s Encounter with Romans”

Individual documentary
1st – Elliot Kantor, Landrum, “The Silk Road”
2nd – Jenna Forcier, Fruit Cove, “Juan Ponce De Leon and the Myth of the Fountain of Youth”
3rd – Wade Miller, Switzerland Point, “Space Race”

Group documentary
1st – Lauren Donalson and Kaitlyn Rouzie, Switzerland Point, “The Cubo Line and City Gate Protection and Security to the Nation’s Oldest City”
2nd – Alia Farooque and Camille Aguilar, Switzerland Point, “Small Pox”
3rd – Marina Mechetti, Carolina Mechetti and Lily Quick, Landrum, “The Exploration of Flight”

Individual exhibit
1st – Veronica Czajkowski, Patriot Oaks Academy, “Black Death”
2nd – Taylor Hampson, Fruit Cove, “King Henry VIII, his Influence of the Protestant Reformation, and the Motives of Pligrimages and Exploration to the New World”
3rd – Remington Chenore, Landrum, “The Radioactive Lady: Marie Curie”

Group exhibit
1st – Julia Martin and Caroline Rice, Fruit Cove, “Exploration of How Greek Mythology Affects Society”
2nd – Ava Nelms and Sophia Peake, Sebastian Middle, “Lewis and Clark”;
3rd – Lauren Alexis Edmonds and Addison Bullen, Switzerland Point, “Lost Ships of St. Augustine”

Research paper
1st – Angela Ramsey, Switzerland Point, “Genghis Khan”
2nd – Hanna Do, Patriot Oaks, “Triangle Factory Fire”
3rd – Ashton Monk, Landrum, “Little Boy and Fat Man”

Senior Division Winners

Individual website
1st – Danielle Haddock, Creekside High, “Can you Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?”
2nd – Adawe Bosworth, St. Augustine High, “Japanese Internment Camp”
3rd – Amanda Donahue, Ponte Vedra High, “Irish Immigration: A Cultural Exchange”
Honorable Mention – Adam Snowden, Ponte Vedra, “Fighting Yellow Jack: How the U.S. Army Yellow Fever Commission Identified the Culprit Behind the Spread of Yellow Fever”

Group website:
1st – Ben Honiker and Noah Kathe, Creekside, “The Viking Invasions of the British Isles 793-900 AD”
2nd – Elizabeth Fox, Frank Lukens and Harrison Snowden, Ponte Vedra, “Marie Tharp: Mapping the Ocean Floor”
3rd – Elliott Steele and Brighton Ancelin, Creekside, “The Space Race: US vs. USSR”

Individual documentary
1st – Shelby Brackett, Creekside, “Mabury vs. Madison”

Group documentary
1st – Ciara Boulos and Mia Andrews, St. Augustine, “Dr. Seuss: Perfectly Political”

Individual exhibit
1st – Nicholas Famularo, Ponte Vedra, “Zheng He: Admiral of the Western Seas”
2nd – Andrew Brownett, “The Young Apprentice of WWI”

Group exhibit
1st – Katherine Slava and Maia Medley, St. Augustine, “One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind”
2nd – Matt Adams and Nicholas Rodgers, St. Augustine, “Midway”
3rd – Mairead “Maggie” Boylan, Taylor Noon and Aleyna Turker, Ponte Vedra, “Feminist Art and its Movement”

Research paper
1st – Charles Sherwood, Creekside, “Playing Revolution: Soviet Encounters in China from 1917-1928” (overall winner)
2nd – Rachel Barden, Creekside, “Horace Mann and the Public School Reform”
3rd – John Middleton, Ponte Vedra, “Exchanges and Encounters: Early New Spain in the North American Southwest”