Introduction Letter


The St. Johns County School district is offering a tool to monitor student academic progress. Home Access Center (HAC) is a web-based application that is part of our Student Information system (eSchoolPlus).


  • Calendar provides a customizable quick view of courses, events, activities, and assignments
  • Provides parents and students with a daily summary page of student information
  • Schedule and attendance, discipline information, class work, test scores and course requests
  • Allows students to view their own records to help keep them informed about their progress


  • Provides parents with relevant and timely information to support and direct their children
  • Helps open a consistent avenue of parent/teacher communication
  • Creates stronger connections between students, parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Empowers students to actively participate in their progress and future

    The Home Access Center portal is offered as an additional line of communication with your school and should not be considered the only form of communication.

Parent Responsibilities:

Each participating parent/guardian and student will be responsible for the following:

  • To safeguard their system account Username and Password
  • Notify their school immediately if their Username and Password is lost or compromised
  • Provide all necessary equipment to access the Internet (computer, Internet connection, web browser software, etc.)
  • Read the HAC FAQ’s and any related documentation located on the St. Johns County School District Website
  • Read and accept the Terms of Use of the online system

System Access and Support:

SJCSD is not responsible for lost or stolen account information that could lead to unauthorized access to sensitive student data. We regret that we do not have the resources to provide user technical support. Parents and students are encouraged to read the Home Access Center FAQ’s and any HAC guides published on the District website. These web-based documents are designed to answer most questions on how to access the website, provide general system requirements and provide some typical troubleshooting suggestions. If you have password questions, feel free to contact your school. For grade questions, contact the course teacher.

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