Home Access Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


What is eSchoolPlus?
eSchoolPlus is the name of the “Student Information System” that is used by schools in the District to maintain student data across the district, and is the single source of student information. Charter and contract schools typically use the District system.

How do I login to the system?
Parents – You must have a username and password that that you create based on the email address you supplied to your student’s school. Each parent will be required to provide a photo ID to submit an email address which will enable you to register a Home Access Center account.
Students – A username and password has been created for you (or for new students, will be created for you the day after you register) and will be given to you by your school.

I don’t remember my password.
If you can’t remember your password, but think you have an email listed with St. Johns County, you can click on the “Forgot My Username or Password” link on the login screen. If that process does not work, you should visit one of the schools that you/your children attend.

I don’t have a username and password. How do I get one?
Parents – We ask that you submit your email address at the school of your youngest school age child. You will be required to present a photo ID to submit your email address.
Students – Your account is created for you, and will be given to you by your school.

The system asked me to change my HAC password. Why can’t I use the same password?
eSchoolPlus requires a complex password which means that you must have at least three of the following four character types: a capital letter, a lowercase letter, a number, or a symbol. The system will accept your old password one time. You will be prompted to change it upon the first login. You will then be required to meet the new password rules.

Why do I see different amounts of information depending on which student I view?
Schools are not required to participate in all available blocks of information. Depending on the school and how they wish to share information, the screens may look a little different between students. (Students will see only their own information).

Can I request changes to my contact information online?
Parents – Yes you can, if your school has that function enabled. Currently, you will be able to update your own phone numbers and email address. While you can see phone numbers for your students’ other contacts, you can only make changes to your own. For address changes please visit one of your students’ schools.
Students – No. Your accounts do not have the ability to make contact information changes.

Can someone else gain access or change my information?
No. Each account is assigned a unique username and password. This gives only you access to your (students’) information. Please be sure you protect your username and password and do not give them to anyone.

My username and password are not working, what should I do?
If you have a valid email on file, you can click on the “Forgot My Username or Password” link on the login screen. If that process does not work, you should visit your (child’s) school. They can confirm your username and can also reset your password if necessary. Parents will be required to provide a photo ID for assistance with usernames and passwords.

How do I log off the Home Access Center system when I am finished?
Please click on the “Log Off” button in the upper right corner of your window or just close your browser.

What hardware or software is required?
To use Home Access Center, you must have a computer with internet access and a browser that will allow cookies to be set. Windows based PC’s: This system requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 or above or Firefox. Macintosh Computers: This system requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or above. (It also works on newer versions of Firefox and Safari). Home Access Center works best on a high-speed connection.

Why does it take so long for my student’s assignments to be graded?
Different schools and teachers operate differently and on different timelines. Grades are typically entered within 2 weeks after the due date.

I don’t see any assignments or grades but I know my student has had homework.
Not every teacher is posting assignments within the Teacher Access Center module of eSchoolPlus. If your son’s or daughter’s teacher is not posting assignments, the assignments and associated grades will not be available in Home Access Center.

Why can’t I see the information on my second or third student? When I login, I only see one.
If you have more than one child attending a school (or schools) using Home Access Center and you do not have student selection links available to see all of your students, you should contact your student’s school and ask for all of your students to be linked to your account. Once this is done, you will have access to your other students with the same login.
(Students, you will have access to only your own information).

Some of the screens in the program are blank. Why is there no information available?
Home Access Center only displays information that has been entered into the Student Information System. Example: If a student is on a team, but it has not been recorded in the system, the teams screen would be blank and not reflect the student’s membership.

Why doesn’t my (student’s) average on the Current Progress screen add up correctly?
Each teacher can choose to post or not post work that has been graded. The current average will not necessarily reflect the average of all displayed scores since there may be other work averaged in. Check with the course teacher.

Am I able to check my child’s grades for previous school years?
Grades from a previous school year are only available through Home Access Center if a school has generated a transcript for a student.

I’m having trouble with the online registration process, what should I do?

You will only be able to register for a HAC account if the school has entered your child into the computer system.

If you tried to register online, but did not receive the email to complete the registration process, or, you received an error message that your account is invalid, please contact the school. They will need to complete your registration.


The “Forgot Password” option isn’t working for me, what should I do?
If you have not logged into the new HAC system at least one time, the password reset functionality will not work. You will have to contact your school to have your password reset.

Why can’t I see all of my children in Home Access Center?
If your child is KG-2nd grade, please note that at this time, not all elementary schools are currently using HAC for students in those grade levels.

It is possible that the school needs to finish “connecting” all the siblings in our computer system. Please contact the school to have this process completed.


What should I do if I have a different issue not listed here?
Please contact the school if you encounter other issues with Home Access Center.

What are the password requirements?
St. Johns County School District requires complex passwords for all Home Access Center (HAC) accounts. HAC passwords must contain at least three of the four following types of characters:

  • Lower case
  • Upper case
  • Numeric
  • Special character

If your current password does not meet this criteria, you will be allowed to use it to login one more time and then you will be prompted to change it to follow these requirements.

Below are some examples of valid HAC passwords:




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