Substitute Teaching

sfeSmartFindExpress is a website used to manage employee absences and to coordinate the assignment of substitute teachers for instructional personnel. For users that prefer to use the automated phone system call (904) 495-7178 AND website

Current substitute teachers MUST sub a minimum of 15 days during the 2017-2018 school year. Subs meeting this requirement are considered an ACTIVE SUB for next school year and will remain on the approved substitute teacher list AND~~do not need to be re-fingerprinted.~ Failure to work the minimum 15 days during the school year will result in removal from the approved substitute teacher list. If a substitute teacher terminates active status with St. Johns County Schools, the individual will be required to reapply when the next substitute position is offered.  If selected all new hire requirements will be necessary, including security clearance (fingerprint and drug screen) and training.  It is the substitute teacher’s responsibility to notify in writing the Human Resources office if they are no longer interested in substitute teaching. All substitute teachers are considered “At Will As Needed” workers who are not guaranteed employment on a daily basis nor during the summer months or scheduled breaks.  Substitute teachers receive $12.00, per hour worked.   Longterm substitutes receive $20.00 hour rate for jobs 12 weeks or longer.

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Substitute System Helpdesk Number (904) 547-7636

St. Johns County School District will advertise for additional substitute teachers August 2018.   Applicants must be 21 years or older and hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher to apply.   The job posting will advertise in AppliTrack our school district application system

Direct Deposit

DIRECT DEPOSIT is available for all substitute teachers.  Please refer to the directions on left to establish your banking information in SunGard BusinessPlus.  Substitutes are paid bi-monthly on the 15th and last day of month.  If those dates fall on a weekend then the Friday before.

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Do Not Call Policy

The St. Johns County School District policy states, if a substitute teacher receives THREE “Do Not Use” requests, you will be dismissed.

Please review the Do Not Call Policy for details.

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