Hardship Out of Zone Transfer Request Process

2016-17 School Year

The Policy and Procedures below are for HARDSHIP REQUESTS only.

The 2016-17 Application Process opened on February 12, 2016


  • Fifth , Eighth and Twelfth grade students may remain at his or her previous school, if the parent/guardian chooses to submit a Hardship Out of Zone Application. Younger siblings, however, must attend their zoned school.
  • Rising 12th grade students in Aberdeen who are already enrolled at Creekside High, may again remain at Creekside if they submit an Out of Zone Hardship Transfer Application.
  • Rising sixth graders who are presently enrolled in “Crookshank-at-Sebastian” may remain at Sebastian if a Hardship Out of Zone Application is submitted.


  • The Hardship Transfer Application is only for parents who believe they have a hardship. For Academy or Program of Study transfers, please visit the Career Academy weblink. For ESE Special Program transfers, please visit the ESE weblink.


A student may be granted a “hardship” transfer when a condition or situation exists that implies an adverse or compelling circumstance or a state of misfortune unique to that student’s life or a family’s life situation. The situation could impact the student’s ability to achieve success at their zoned school. Relevant documentation must be attached to the Out of Zone Transfer Request.


  • Applications must be submitted by the assigned deadline.
  • Transportation must be provided by the parent.
  • Requested school must have available capacity and must meet class size compliance.
  • Parent agrees that at any time during the school year, a transfer may be revoked due to poor attendance, tardiness, or discipline issues.
  • Parent understands that falsification of residency shall result in the revocation of the transfer waiver. The student will return to his or her zoned school at a time determined by the Superintendent or designee.
  • Parent must receive an APPROVED Hardship Transfer from the St Johns County School District’s Department for School Services.
  • Parent must complete a separate application for each child.


If you have any questions regarding hardship transfers, please call the Office for School Services at 904.547.7583.




School District employees may request that their child attend school in which they work, or the school within closest proximity of their work location.


The St Johns County School District will not accept any requests for students residing outside of St Johns County, unless they are children of St Johns County School Board employees.


Hardship transfers based on future home purchases are not granted. Students need to be registered in the school zone where they are currently living.


Student-Athletes who transfer to another school must oblige themselves to the FHSAA Rules of Athletic Eligibility.




Transfer Policy and Procedure

Out of Zone hardship transfers are valid for ONE SCHOOL YEAR ONLY.  Students currently on an out of zone waiver are not automatically guaranteed acceptance for the next school year.  A new application must be submitted annually.  If transfer is granted, TRANSPORTATION MUST BE PROVIDED BY THE PARENT.

A committee will review your request for an out of zone transfer.  A decision will be made based on the information provided in the application and any additional documentation.  Please allow approximately three weeks for an email response.  If application is denied, a parent may request an appeal in writing to the Office for School Services.  Once the denial is provided to the parent, the parent must enroll the student in the attendance zone in which they reside, even if appealing at the next level.  The Superintendent will appoint a Transfer Appeals Committee.  All decisions by the Superintendent are final.

Hardship Out of Zone Transfer Applications must be completed and returned to:
Paul Abbatinozzi, Director for School Services
40 Orange Street
St Augustine, FL 32084
Supporting Documentation may be faxed or emailed to:
Fax: 904.547.7695 —– Email: [email protected]