Information for Vendors of FCTC

For vendors and other parties associated with the First Coast Technical College, contracts and other agreements made by the charter school end with the charter’s termination on June 30, 2016. However, since SJCSD will continue operations, vendors and other parties are encouraged to contact the district to discuss the status and future of each agreement. Toward this end, district personnel are working with FCTC staff to reach out to our community partners and vendors through letters, emails and phone.

Due to a variety of factors including the number of agreements, faulty contact information and time constraints, it is possible not all impacted parties will receive an individual communication. With that in mind, if you have questions, concerns or feel you should have received a communication but didn’t, please contact the appropriate party from the list provided below and refer to the FCTC website.

While transition periods always come with challenges, SJCSD is excited and optimistic about a bright future for FCTC and looks forward to meeting the educational needs of adult and high school students at the highest levels of quality and effectiveness as has been the tradition and expectation of all district operated schools.

For more information, please contact our Purchasing Department.