Out-of-Field Teachers

 Recommendations for September 2018

Employee School Area Out of Field School Board Approved
Benson, Christina Freedom Crossing ESOL 9/11/2018
Billingsley, Allee Creekside ESOL 9/11/2018
Belcik, Paul Bartram Health 9/11/2018
Chaker, Holly Palm Valley Gifted 9/11/2018
Chambers, Katherine Bartram ESOL 9/11/2018
Cheney, Andrea Creekside ESOL 9/11/2018
Childers, Mackenzie Creekside ESOL 9/11/2018
Cruze, Jordan Bartram ESOL 9/11/2018
Duffy-Bourke, Lori Valley Ridge ESOL 9/11/2018
Duggan, Matt Patriot Oaks Gifted 9/11/2018
Fagen, Carolyn Switzerland Pt ESOL 9/11/2018
Ferrara, Jessica Valley Ridge ESOL 9/11/2018
Ferrara, Jessica Valley Ridge Reading 9/11/2018
Fitzpatrick, Gemma Hickory ESOL 9/11/2018
Forrest, Matthew Creekside Health 9/11/2018
Foster, Karen Freedom Crossing ESOL 9/11/2018
Gates, Alyssa Fruit Cove Middle Grades Math 9/11/2018
Gay, Kathleen Mason Gifted 9/11/2018
Giumarello, Dana Timberlin Creek ESOL 9/11/2018
Gooden, Abbey Palencia Gifted 9/11/2018
Haliko, Erin Palencia ESOL 9/11/2018
Harris, Laura Bartram ESOL 9/11/2018
Kinnaman, Jennifer Julington Creek Gifted 9/11/2018
Landsman, Jordyn Freedom Crossing ESOL 9/11/2018
Latka, Jennifer St Augustine Business Education 9/11/2018
Line, Samuel Bartram ESOL 9/11/2018
Machols, Patricia Liberty Pines Middle Grades Math 9/11/2018
McClung, Vicki Palm Valley ESOL 9/11/2018
McCullough, Katherine Patriot Oaks Gifted 9/11/2018
McDade, Leigh Timberlin Creek ESOL 9/11/2018
Mountfort, Sarah Freedom Crossing Gifted 9/11/2018
Myers, Brook Freedom Crossing ESOL 9/11/2018
Newcomb, Denelle Patriot Oaks Gifted 9/11/2018
Ottenstein, Cori Bartram American Sign Language 9/11/2018
Pies, Sharon Fruit Cove Elementary Education 9/11/2018
Pies, Sharon Fruit Cove Middle Grades Language Arts 9/11/2018
Piniarski, Jennifer Timberlin Creek ESOL 9/11/2018
Potter, Amy Timberlin Creek ESOL 9/11/2018
Reed, Amber Cunningham Creek ESE 9/11/2018
Regnier, Sumer Fruit Cove Gifted 9/11/2018
Sexsion, Yvette Pacetti Bay ESOL 9/11/2018
Shepherd, Jay Patriot Oaks Health 9/11/2018
Siragusa, Jeannie Mason Gifted 9/11/2018
Sisneroz, Oriana Palm Valley ESOL 9/11/2018
Slous, Karen Creekside Reading 9/11/2018
Spera, Robert Liberty Pines Middle Grades Language Arts 9/11/2018
Stanfield, Mary Palm Valley Middle Grades Science 9/11/2018
Tomlin, Jessica Timberlin Creek ESOL 9/11/2018
Trujillo, Jennifer Patriot Oaks Gifted 9/11/2018
Youmans, Jamie Palm Valley Gifted 9/11/2018
Zielinski, Stephen Valley Ridge ESOL 9/11/2018
Zweigle, Allison Freedom Crossing Gifted 9/11/2018

Request for Change in Placement
Florida Statute 1003.3101 gives a parent the right to request his or her child be transferred to another classroom teacher based on (1) the teacher’s out-of-field certification status or (2) personal preference. This statute does not give the parent the right to choose a specific classroom teacher.