Facilities Planning & Growth Management

6212011_121240_1The Facilities Planning & Growth Management Department is tasked with overseeing the planning and design process for the new schools to be constructed in the District. The designs for the new schools are developed through a collaborative process including input from Facilities & Operations staff, Curriculum staff, principals and teachers. The department also creates and updates the Five Year District Facilities Work Plan, which includes the capital building program for the next five years, but also includes a ten- and twenty-year projection component. This plan is submitted to the Florida Department of Education annually.

Facilities Planning also monitors development approval and the pace of new residential construction to plan for future schools. As part of this monitoring, they review all Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs) to ensure that the educational impacts are appropriately mitigated.

In addition, the department implements the School Concurrency legislation included in Senate Bill 360. Chosen as a pilot community, the St. Johns County School District worked with St. Johns County, the City of St. Augustine, the City of St. Augustine Beach and the Town of Hastings to develop the documents necessary for school concurrency. The School District will perform the School Concurrency Determination (SCD) as a portion of the County/Municipality Concurrency Review. The SCD will ensure that adequate student capacity exists for a development proposal.

Finally, the Facilities Planning and Growth Management Department oversees the School District’s Student Records Department, and the State Reporting/FTE Office. The Student Records Department is located at 1 Christopher Street, St. Augustine. For important information relative to requesting a Student Record, please click on the links provided under Student Records, below. The State Reporting/FTE Office is located at 47 Orange Street, St. Augustine.


Note: The School Concurrency legislation requires a county-wide concurrency system. The DCA has given notice to find effective the last of the St. Johns County amendments necessary to implement School Concurrency. The School District began accepting applications on November 24, 2008.

For further information, please contact St. Johns County School District Facilities Planning Department at (904) 547-7680.