Leadership Development

Leadership Learning sessions for all staff groups are designed to support district initiatives, alignment of mission, vision and core beliefs, PLC’s, leadership skills and tools, facilitative problem solving and collaborative conversations. All leadership development learning sessions are funded through a state grant. The following leadership learning sessions have been implemented for school year 2017-18.

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These sessions are designed to utilize facilitative behaviors to strengthen the relationship of the participants across all departments of the district. The members of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 work together to expand and develop skills related to the culture of SJCSD while they enhance competence and confidence in self-awareness as it impacts leadership roles. During the monthly sessions, participants work collaboratively across the departments to build connections.

Phase I

These sessions address the needs of aspiring leaders within SJCSD who seek to gain information regarding the entire district. Each month department leadership makes a short presentation on the roles and responsibilities of their department. The participants read leadership articles and apply those in collaborative exercises. At a minimum, all participants have completed half of the requirements for their Certificate or Degree in Educational Leadership. Most participants are teachers though a few are district staff.

Phase II, year 1 & year 2

Leadership learning sessions for all new assistant principals (APs) in SJCSD. The first year focuses on the 360 training modules and is led by Joyce Skaff from the Crown Management Consortium. The second year provides a deeper dive into the workings of each of the SJCSD departments through presentations by district leadership followed by application of skills related to each department. Participants work together on the Florida School Leader Assessment (FSLA) and other leadership skills required to support the SJCSD culture.

Phase III

A two-year mentoring program for all new APs in SJCSD. New appointees are paired with experienced APs who provide guidance and support to the new assistant principal. These sessions focus on skills in communication, managing change, building leadership teams, the culture of SJCSD and the mission and goals of the SJCSD. The strategic plan is reviewed as well as the components of the FSLA. The participants work through exercises collaboratively as well as complete self-assessment, reflection activities on their own leadership style.

Phase IV

A two-year mentoring program for all new principals in SJCSD. New principals are paired with an experienced principal who serves as a guide on-the-side to support the new principal through the first two years of their assignment. These sessions focus on the vision, mission and core beliefs of the SJCSD culture as well on specific skills required of the position. The participants discuss change in the context of school leadership, plan how to build leadership teams and develop budgeting skills. The participants also discuss and learn how to be the lead learner of their school. They have rich discussions about the FSLA and share their deliberate practice with each other.

Leadership Academy

A voluntary program for all interested building and district leaders. This group meets four times per year in the evening. During the first session the participants used the critical friend’s protocol to share a school or department issue they have been working on. This activity builds collaboration among the participants through a system of intentional feedback. During the second session on November 21, Dr. Joyner shared insights and some of his own experiences relating to Grit. Later, participants discussed the book Grit by Angela Duckworth with an emphasis on the implications for their work assignment.

Phase V (Sharpening the Saw)

A voluntary program for interested assistant principals intended to continue their learning in readiness for principalship. The first session focused on the FSLA and their individual deliberate practice, the second session will focus on the district budgeting activity, led by Darrell Colee and a few principals who will share their experiences and insights into the budget process.

Technology Support Specialists, ILC, Teacher Leader Academy and Lunch and Learn

These are new sessions being offered this year. The goal is to address leadership topics which support the SJCSD culture as well as address topics specific to the individual groups. The ILC’s and Teacher Leader Academy support new teacher induction and the training of the mentor teacher.