Government Relations

Government Relations is tasked with the creation and advancement of the School District’s legislative platform by working with the School Board, staff, parents, and other interested citizens on what laws they feel are needed to improve education in St. Johns County.  The St. Johns County School District has a vested interest in the legislative process, as a high percentage of the District’s operating revenues come directly from state funds and the state-mandated Required Local Effort (RLE) millage levy.

Government Relations serves as a liaison between the school district and local, state and federal government bodies in an effort to maximize funding available to the district and provide timely, updated and accurate information to legislators who need or seek assistance in developing good public policy that will impact our school district.  We strive to always stay up-to-date with current laws relating to K-12 education and the day-to-day operations of the Legislature.

Please contact Government Relations if you need any information on existing or proposed legislation or want to propose a new law.

Government Relations is also available if you are organizing a trip to Tallahassee, wish to have an elected official visit your school, or are interested in learning more about the legislative process and its impact on our school district.

SB 7026 – Public Safety

To view of a PowerPoint overview of The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, please click here.

2018 Legislative Platform

The School Board adopted their 2018 Legislative Platform on September 19, 2018.

State Funding

  • Support the restoration of the local capital outlay millage authority to 2.0 mills by a majority vote of the
    locally elected school board.
  • Maintain the fiscal year 2017-2018 Required Local Effort rate, resulting in an increase in per student
  • Provide adequate funding systems to address increasing behavioral, mental and physical health needs of
    our students.
  • Support additional funding and programmatic opportunities for VPK and early learning programs.


State Policy

  • Provide flexibility to school boards with capital outlay revenue for new school construction by excluding
    local capital outlay revenue sources from the statutory per student station cost caps.
  • Support parity for district virtual programs by allowing them to operate with the same calendar freedom
    as Florida Virtual School by ensuring consistency in funding throughout both the regular and summer
  • Exempt before and aftercare programs and programs accepting school readiness funds that are run by a
    school district from recently required additional background screening, training and facility requirements
    which have proven to be costly and duplicative.
  • Expand opportunities for advanced degree supplements to be granted by school districts for a Master’s
    degree earned in classroom oriented, student centered general education majors, such as Curriculum and
    Instruction or Teaching and Learning.
  • Restore the feedback practices for writing on the state assessment.
  • Support the inclusion of the Florida General Knowledge test for individuals pursuing a teaching
    certification on the CAPE Industry Certification funding list.



  • Support the repeal of federal sequestration for education programs.


Visit the St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections’ webpage for more information on registering to vote.



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Director of Policy and Government Relations
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