Food Links

Mind Flight, LLC

This company offers products and a portal to free information about peanut allergies. Products include kidfriendly flash cards and placemats. To learn the basics about this potentially life-threatening allergy, click on “Peanut Allergy Facts.” Read news articles and research under Allergies in the News.” Download free materials, such as a new allergy awareness poster, or view links and blogs available through “Resources.” According to the website, “Until there is a cure, education plays a key role.”

Milk Processor Education Program

Want your student customers to learn more about the importance of dairy in their diet? Encourage them to visit this website, where they will encounter a sophisticated virtual world that is downright “cool.” Kids can visit a virtual stadium, dance club, park, cafe and more, with celebrity endorsements and nutrition education messages sprinkled throughout. Interactive features offer activities like making milk moustache ads.