Strategic Plan


School Board Approved Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015

District Mission

The St. Johns County School District will inspire good character and a passion for lifelong learning in all students, creating educated and caring contributors to the world.


St. Johns County School District has spent the 2004-2005 school year reviewing the Strategic Plan developed in 2001. The review of the plan brought forth many of the accomplishments that have come about through the thoughtful planning and leadership in St. Johns County. The intent of the review was to rejuvenate and honor the plan and the many individuals that spent countless hours envisioning the future for the St. Johns County School District and the community it serves. The Strategic Plan Review Committee evaluated where we are and is making recommendations to stay the course of the Strategic Plan through the year 2010. This plan and review includes the process of yearly reviews and needed revisions in order to address growth, legislative changes, and other needs. The implementation of the plan includes every member of the school community. The St. Johns County School District has become and will continue to be one of the finest school systems in the country. It is expected that our community and those it serves will use this document as the beginning source when developing local school improvement plans, writing grants, and developing programs for St. Johns County Schools. Through communicating this Strategic Plan, we are looking toward the continual development of creative solutions for each challenge that we face. By embracing the tenets within the document, we believe that each student and stakeholder will be part of the focus, and thus part of the process and solutions, as we continue building effective schools and preparing students to meet the needs of their futures.