A Great Place to Work

St. Johns County School District
Benefits of Teaching in Florida from Out of State

  1. No Income Tax – In Florida residents are fortunate to not have to pay income tax! This leaves you with more in your pocket.
  2. Climate and Environment – No matter where you are in the state, there are beautiful places and spaces. The weather is vacation worthy on a daily basis and weekend adventure isn’t too far away.
  3. Vacation Destinations – With Florida being such a large state, there are many places to visit and vacation to that are within a reasonable drive. Not to mention, Disney World!
  4. Class sizes – In the state of Florida, our class sizes are managed to keep our classes smaller, which allows teacher to know their students better!
  5. Competitive compensation – Compensation for teaching is at a competitive rate with other states, it’s manageable to live on the salary you receive.
  6. Associate teachers – When a classroom has more students than allowed by the class size amendment, an associate teacher is needed for that class. The teacher and associate teacher work together in a partnership to teach the class. This creates more teaching positions and a valuable learning experience for new teachers.
  7. Beaches – A beach escape is never far!
  8. Events and cities – With several large cities in Florida, there are several different sporting teams, concerts and events happening all year long.
  9. Additional education opportunities – Within three years of teaching in the state of Florida, teachers are required to have their ESOL endorsement. Many districts provided these classes for their teachers. Also, many other endorsement courses are available to teachers through their county.
  10. Professional learning and growth – Teachers who are just starting their careers have professional learning and mentorship opportunities built into their evaluations. Peer evaluators mentor rookie teachers and professional learning opportunities are endless.