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Content Guidelines

  1. All work must be original and free of any copyright infringement.
  2. The content and themes of all programs must abide by the pillars of Character Counts!
  3. All programing must support national, state, and district educational goals, including character development. If you are unsure if your project fits that description, ask us in the form to the left.
  4. SEA-TV also exists as a venue for students to showcase their creative work, therefore, we strongly encourage students to submit their productions.
  5. Programs highlighting local events, issues, etc. are widely accepted.
  6. We do not accept any commercial advertising. However, non-profit promotion is acceptable.
  7. There is NO time constraint for programs.
  8. Productions that discriminate against race, color, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, disability, political or religious beliefs, national or ethnic origin, or political beliefs will not be accepted.
  9. The ultimate decision to produce or broadcast a production lies with Media Services personnel.