Risk Management Update – October 2019

Risk Management oversees many different areas in our District to keep everyone safe. Risk covers litigations, liability insurance, property insurance, worker’s compensation, student accidents, claims filing, and legal requests related to liability suits. They also cover crime, pollution, legal, storage tanks, flood policies, ROTC bonds and field studies.

“Student Accident Insurance is available to all students involved in any school sponsored and supervised activity, including sports, and covers accidental injury while the policy is in force.  First treatment is to commence within 30 days of the accident and ongoing claims are paid for 2 years from the date of the accident.  If the student is covered under any other medical plan, claims must be submitted under that policy first.  Like all insurance policies, there is a deductible ($250) and caps on medical benefits. The deductible applies to every student regardless if they have a primary plan, Medicaid, Tri-Care or no other insurance plan.”

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