Naming of New K-8 Schools

The St. Johns County School Board approved the name Patriot Oaks Academy for the school previously known as K-8 “HH” at its School Board meeting held today. Patriot Oaks Academy is located at 475 Longleaf Pine Parkway in St. Johns and the principal is Emily Harrison.

The School Board also approved the name Valley Ridge Academy for the school previously known as K-8 “II.” Valley Ridge Academy is located at 105 Greenleaf Drive in Ponte Vedra and the principal is Wayne King.

Over the last several months both principals collected input from their communities and worked with their respective Principal Advisory Committees before providing suggested names to school board members for consideration.

Patriot Oaks Academy and Valley Ridge Academy will open for the 2014-2015 school year. Both schools will accommodate approximately 1,000 students and classroom areas can include groupings of multi-age students using teaching teams as well as more traditional same-grade groupings. Movable walls opening between classroom pairs will enhance cooperative learning while common areas will allow for flexible uses in this updated “house” design concept. This design will enable teachers and paraprofessionals to work cooperatively to facilitate learning for students through a variety of activities. These schools will also include state-of-the-art technology and are being built to Green Building Standards.

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