History Fair Winners

Elizabeth Fox and Harrison Snowden of Landrum Middle School won top honors in the second annual St. Johns County School District’s History Fair. Their project, entitled Axe Handle Saturday, was awarded the Overall Most Outstanding Project and they will each receive a check for $75 from the St. Augustine Historical Society.

There were 76 history projects represented by 143 participants in the SJCSD History Fair competition. The overall winner will be recognized at the School Board Meeting on Tuesday, April 8.

Participating schools included Liberty Pines Academy (LPA), Fruit Cove Middle School (FCMS), Landrum Middle School (LMS), Pacetti Bay Middle School (PBMS), Sebastian Middle School (SMS), Switzerland Point Middle School (SPMS), Bartram Trail High School (BTHS), Creekside High School (CHS) and Nease High School (NHS).

The SJCSD History Fair projects were on display at BTHS which also hosted the awards ceremony on Wednesday, March 5. The history fair was a culmination of the efforts of the SJCSD and teacher sponsors including Teresa McCormick, FCMS; Kelly Vaughn, LMS; Dorothy Anagnostou and Keith Tilford, SPMS; Hannah Hollis and Stephanie Gionet, PBMS; Debbie Hagenbuch-Reese, Teri Lydigsen, Robert Dunn and Christine Granovski, SMS; Kristin Latshaw, Alexandra Martin, and Ryan Bozeman, LPA; Melissa O’Steen, NHS; Jacob Teuscher, BTHS; Joseph Herskovitz, CHS. Travis Brown, SJCSD secondary social studies program specialist, coordinated the history fair.

The History Fair received outstanding support from the St. Johns County Historical Community. The judges for the fair represented organizations including the St. Augustine Historical Society, St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, Florida Historical Society, University of Florida, St. Augustine Maritime Heritage Foundation, Ft. Mose Historic State Park, William Bartram Scenic and Historic Highway, Castillo de San Marcos, Colonial Dames of St. Augustine, Old Florida Museum, and The Colonial Quarter. Prize money was generously provided from the following supporters: St. Augustine Historical Society, Smoothie King, The Report Card, Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, The Colonial Quarter, The World Golf Hall of Fame, RPM Automotive, Brockington and Associates, Fort Menendez at the Old Florida Museum, Jax Vision Care, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and the St. Augustine Maritime Heritage Foundation.

The category winners are listed below.


Junior Division
1st Place- Caroline Balcita, LPA
2nd Place- Alice Gau, FCMS
3rd Place- Kendall Southworth, LPA

Senior Individual Division
1st Place-Ryan Berry, NHS
2nd Place- Sabrina Borrego, NHS
3rd Place- Michael Mathis, CHS

Senior Group Division
1st Place-Kathryn McGlynn and Jasmine Kernick, CHS
2nd Place- Alexa Candeletti and Sarah Fiori, NHS


Junior Individual Division
1st Place-Zuri Goodman, LMS

Junior Group Division
1st Place-Nandini Tandon, Taylor Iler, and Lauren Banta, LPA


Junior Division
1st Place-Sammy Schoenherr, LPA
2nd Place-Gayatri Ramesh, FCMS
3rd Place- Aidan Mather, SPMS

Senior Division
1st Place-Amanda Rorabaugh, BTHS
2nd Place-Erika Willis, CHS


Junior Division
1st Place-Camille Aguilar and Sanya Bansal, SPMS
2nd Place-Paige Hunt and Abigail Cebulko, LPA
3rd Place-Lauren Donalson and Anna Grace Shell, SPMS

Senior Division
1st Place-Caleb Sapp, Logan Small and Ryan Stellhorn, BTHS
2nd Place-Alec Mott, Joshua Johnson and Blake Ashe, CHS
3rd Place-Marissa Wright, Stephaney Wilson, Jamie Montgomery, and Shilo Burres, NHS


Junior Group Division
1st Place-Kaylie Headings and Zachary Graves, FCMS
2nd Place-Noah Law and Noah Budkoski, SMS

Junior Individual Division
1st Place-Jake Smith, LPA
2nd Place-David Watt, LPA
3rd Place-Allie Griggs, SMS


Junior Division
1st Place-Hadley Browder, FCMS
2nd Place- Paxton Threatt, FCMS
3rd Place- Abbey Ellis, FCMS


Junior Division
1st Place- Elizabeth Fox and Harrison Snowden, LMS
2nd Place- Jack Veatch and Karim Brown, SMS
3rd Place-Shelby Wright, Abigail Pelger, Sophie Aronovici, and Meghan Oliveira, FCMS

Senior Division
1st Place-Alaina Constantine, Caleb Daly, Isabelle Cutaia, Julia Frakaloss, Kaitlyn Kamerzel, CHS
2nd Place- Evan Harms and James Lee, CHS
3rd Place-Valeria Gonzalez and Rachel White, CHS

In addition to the winners above, several special awards were presented and are listed below.

Scientific Awareness-provided by Smoothie King Mya Horn-SMS

Local History-provided by The Report Card Nina Alpert, PBMS

Ancient History-provided by Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Emilie Shaver and Jami Jensen, NHS

St. Augustine History-provided by The Colonial Quarter Kaylie Headings and Zachary Graves, FCMS

Sports Awareness-provided by The World Golf Hall of Fame Sydney Wissinger, FCMS

Exhibit Engineering-provided by RPM Automotive Anamika Goswami and Joshua Veracruz, SPMS

Visual Achievement-provided by Brockington and Associates Hannah Savoldy and Delaney Willingham, FCMS

Collaborative Effort-provided by Fort Menendez at the Old Florida Museum Jacob Justice, Samantha Albrecht, Sophia Moulas, Daniel Page and Caleb Farrell, SMS

Research of Historic Figures-provided by JAX Vision Care Taylor Thomson, LPA

Most Visually Appealing-provided by JAX Vision Care Michael Manherz, LPA

Exhibit Creation-provided by Chipotle Mexican Grill Abbey Ellis, FCMS

Historical Significance-provided by St. Augustine Maritime Heritage Foundation Miya Reed, SMS

Twenty students from the nine participating schools were selected to compete in the State History Fair scheduled for May 4-6 in Tallahassee. History Fair Director Travis Brown is coordinating the trip. The participants are Zuri Goodman, LMS; Sammy Schoenherr, LPA; Hadley Browder, FCMS; Amanda Rorabaugh, BTHS; Camille Aguilar and Sanya Bansal, SPMS; Kaylie Headings and Zachary Graves, FCMS; Elizabeth Fox and Harrison Snowden, LMS; Gayatri Ramesh, FCMS; Alaina Constantine, Caleb Daly, Isabelle Cutaia, Julia Frakaloss and Kaitlyn Kamerzel, CHS; Jack Veatch and Karim Brown, SMS; Caroline Balcita, LPA; and Paxton Threatt, FCMS.

The SJCSD History Fair is run in conjunction with the National History Fair sponsored by National History Day. The project-based learning that is emphasized by the History Fair provides an excellent opportunity for students to showcase college and career readiness skills including research, writing, speaking and creative thinking while embracing history.