2013 Science Fair Winners

Caroline Snowden of Ponte Vedra High School won top honors in the Senior Division of the 2013 River Region East Science Fair held last week at Sebastian Middle School. “Epigenetic Differences in Fetal Murine Liver Associated with Transgenerational Inheritance of Metabolic Disease” was the title of her project.

Adam Snowden of Landrum Middle School won best overall in the Junior Division. Adam’s project was entitled, “Creating a Microprocessor-Based Sound Exposure Meter to Ensure Auditory Safety.”

Approximately 125 science projects represented by 156 participants were involved in the River Region East Science Fair. The overall winners will be recognized at the School Board Meeting on Tuesday, March 12.

Participating middle schools included Fruit Cove Middle School (FCMS), Landrum Middle School (LMS), Liberty Pines Academy (LPA), Murray Middle School (MMS), Pacetti Bay Middle School (PBMS), Gamble Rogers Middle School (GRMS), Sebastian Middle School (SMS) and Switzerland Point Middle School (SPMS). Also participating were Palmer Catholic Academy (PCA), Cathedral Parish School (CPS), and the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB).

Participating high schools were Bartram Trail High School (BTHS), Creekside High School (CHS), Pedro Menendez High School (PMHS), Nease High School (NHS), Ponte Vedra High School (PVHS), and St. Augustine High School (SAHS).

The category winners are listed below.


Behavioral Science 1st Place- Wilson Erickson, PVHS 2nd Place- Priyam Patel, SAHS 3rd Place- Farrell Erickson, PVHS Honorable Mention- Team of Kenzie Tustin and Summer Perritt, PMHS

Biochemistry/Chemistry/Medicine and Health 1st Place- Caroline Snowden, PVHS 2nd Place- (Chemistry) Conner Clukey, NHS 2nd Place- (Medicine) Team of Rina Samant and Sonia Samant, PVHS 3rd Place- Yoree Ha, PVHS

Engineering/Math/Physics 1st Place-Michael Cusick, SAHS 2nd Place-(tie) Brighton Ancelin, CHS and Erol Bahadiroglu, SAHS 3rd Place- Maxwell Kline, SAHS Honorable Mention-(tie) Matthew Emerick, SAHS and Cristo Silva, SAHS Zoology/Botany/Environmental 1st Place- Team of Kelsey Tatum and Amanda Meihofer, PVHS 2nd Place-Kiernan Mullin, PVHS 3rd Place- Team of Connor Bradley, Jeremy Zhang and Samir Shah, CHS Honorable Mention-Harrison Ballard, NHS


Behavioral Sciences 1st Place-Harrison Snowden, LMS 2nd Place- Clay Welch, PCA 3rd Place- Kenan Carames, CPS Honorable Mention-Madeleine Ross, FCMS

Biochemistry/Chemistry/Microbiology 1st Place-Danielle Haddock, FCMS 2nd Place-Jordan Bartfield, LMS 3rd Place-Audrey DuBose, FCMS Honorable Mention-Team of Hallie Murta and Katherine Dykstra, LMS

Math, Engineering Sciences and Computer Science 1st Place-Adam Snowden, LMS 2nd Place-Perry Bechtle, LMS 3rd Place-Patrick McCormick, PCA Honorable Mention-Coleman Mosher, SPM

Environmental 1st Place-Megan Wolf, FCMS 2nd Place- Duncan Van Kouteren, LMS 3rd Place-Abby Moritz, PCA

Medicine and Health 1st Place- Becky Volk, CPS 2nd Place-Ava DuBose, FCMS 3rd Place-Chase Hunt, LPA Honorable Mention-Tanner Aichele, LPA

Physics and Astronomy 1st Place-Daniela McCarty, SPMS 2nd Place-Aya Kusumoto, LMS 3rd Place-Erin Kirsche, SPMS Honorable Mention- Kaitlin Haines, LPA

Zoology/Botany/Earth Space 1st Place Gracie Glatting, LMS 2nd Place- Emmie Smith, SPMS 3rd Place-Team of Ashley Kuhn and Danielle Earl, SPMS Honorable Mention-John Fox, LMS

Twenty students representing seven schools have been selected to compete at the State Science & Engineering Fair of Florida scheduled for March 26-28 in Lakeland. Science Fair Director Mark Lewis is coordinating the trip. The participants are Brighton Ancelin, CHS; Erol Bahadiroglu, SAHS; Perry Bechtel, LMS; Michael Cusick, SAHS; Wilson Erickson, PVHS; Gracie Glatting, LMS; Danielle Haddock, FCMS; Maxwell Kline, SAHS; Daniela McCarty, SPMS; Amanda Meihofer, PVHS; Keirnan Mullin, PVHS; Priyam Patel, SAHS; Rina Samant, PVHS; Sonia Samant, PVHS; Adam Snowden, LMS; Caroline Snowden, PVHS; Harrison Snowden, LMS; Kelsey Tatum, PVHS; Becky Volk, CPS; and Megan Wolf, FCM.

Caroline Snowden was also selected to represent St. Johns County at the International Science and Engineering Fair scheduled for May 12-17 in Phoenix, AZ. FPL is donating $300 to defray the cost of travel for Caroline and her chaperone to attend this event.

This annual academic competition is designed to challenge students to meticulously apply science process skills and content knowledge in order to investigate scientific questions of their own choosing. Participants also experience the importance of practicing science ethics and responsibility on a personal level.