20-Day Enrollment Count

The number of students attending St. Johns County Public Schools by the 20-day enrollment count was 31,072, an increase of 909 students over the same time last year. The latest attendance figure represents a 3 percent increase over last year’s enrollment of 30,163. St. Johns County remains one of the fastest growing school districts in the state, especially during a time when most districts are experiencing declining enrollments.
Considering the school district as a whole, middle schools had the largest growth this year with 4.9 percent. High school enrollment increased by 3.1 percent while elementary school enrollment increased by 2.3 percent.
Schools with the largest increases for 2011-2012 are Osceola Elementary School (11.6 percent), Pacetti Bay Middle School (10.3 percent), Crookshank Elementary School (9 percent), Liberty Pines Academy and Creekside High School (8.3 percent), Mason Elementary School (7.3 percent), Sebastian and Fruit Cove Middle Schools (7 percent), and R. B. Hunt Elementary (6.6 percent).
In addition there are 144 St. Johns Virtual School students, 101 enrolled in high school courses and 43 in K-8 classes.
Part of the increase in the student growth rate may be attributed to available housing, the district’s academic reputation and the wide variety of educational options for students in St. Johns County.
“St. Johns County is a desirable place to live and we offer a lot of choices for students,” said Tim Forson, Deputy Superintendent for Operations. “Our nationally recognized high school academies are just one example of the variety of academic opportunities available to our students. We work closely with teachers and parents to provide the best educational experiences and extracurricular activities for all grade levels.”
In an effort to meet Class Size Amendment and growth requirements, Hickory Creek, Mill Creek and Hartley Elementary Schools were recently expanded, and an expansion at Osceola Elementary School is nearing completion. Construction has begun on Elementary school “L” in the Palencia area that will serve students in the north-central area of the county.