College Readiness

   St. Johns County School District high school graduates had the highest composite score in the state on the recently-released Readiness for College Report. This report is based on the placement test performance of Florida high school graduates who enrolled in public postsecondary education in the state during the academic year following graduation.
The most recent results are based on students who graduated in the 2009 school year with a standard diploma from a Florida public high school and entered a Florida public university or community college as degree-seeking students.
In the percentage of students tested who were considered ready for college in all three areas tested (math, reading and writing), 78.9% of St. Johns County graduates were ready in all areas compared to 62.1% of high school graduates statewide. This figure places St. Johns County as number one in the state.
In the writing category 87.2% of St. Johns County students passed compared to 80.4 % statewide. In reading 86.5% of Johns County students scored above the minimum compared to 78.5% for the state, and in math 83.1% of St. Johns County students passed compared to the state average of 68.4%.
“These results are very encouraging and I congratulate our students, parents and staff,” said Superintendent Joseph Joyner. “If any one measure gives us an indication of the quality of our schools, the Readiness for College Reports tells us that our students are well-prepared for their next educational experience.”
The Florida Department of Education publishes college readiness results in the Common Placement Test (CPT), which combines students’ performance results in math, reading and writing subtests. These include the CPT, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the American College Test (ACT). College freshmen who have not met the criteria for readiness, as indicated by achieving minimum scores on the CPT, must take remedial classes before beginning college-level work.