School Schedules

See the Following Table for Training Locations and Times

K-8 PrePlanning Schedule 2021-2022 SY
Group B Elementary CES_KES_OMES_OES_SWES_WEBSTER PrePlanning Schedule 2021-2022 SY
Group C Elementary CCES_DCES_HCES_JCES_OPES_PVPVMKR PrePlanning Schedule 2021-2022 SY
Group D Elementary WDHES_PCES_PES_RBHES_TCES_WCES PrePlanning Schedule 2021-2022 SY
GAINES_TRANSITIONS PrePlanning Schedule 2021-2022 SY
Secondary PrePlanning Schedule 2021-2022 SY


Training Locations and Times
2021-2022 Elementary Pre-Planning Curriculum Training
Secondary Curriculum Pre-Planning_ 8-10-21_Locations and Times
CTE Teachers:

August 10



Media Specialists
School Counselors:

August 10

8:30-12:30:  All Counselors

1:30-3:30:  New Counselors (Please note this may conflict with Active Assailant which should take precedence!)

Social Workers and Student Services

August 10


YATES Building on Orange Street

Schedule and Locations  for Pre-K Teachers

ECS Pre-Planning Activities (Final)

PrePlanning MOU

  1.  All Teachers must be present for their School Active Assailant Training listed on their respective schedule- this training supersedes any other training invitations
  2. All teachers must attend their scheduled trainings organized by their District Program Specialist (see schedule and time/locations above)
  3. All teachers should be provided with school-based training in:
    1. Schoology
    2. TAC (eSchool Plus)
    3. Performance Matters
    4. Overview of EEE and the process for Observations in Your Building
    5. How to Create and Monitor Deliberate Practice Growth Plans
    1. All teachers must complete this every 3 years
    2. The list of new teachers who completed this at Induction is sent to each Principal
    3. Kyle Dresback’s Office is the Point of Contact for Completions of returning teachers who have Transferred Schools
  5. All New Hires must be informed of the Category 1 Cohort Procedures in Your Building


The Optional Planning Day is an opportunity for RETURNING teachers to choose to come onto their campus and take an extra day to plan and set up their classrooms.  In return for their time, RETURNING teachers will earn one day of “flex time” that may be redeemed on any of the Planning Days throughout the school year. 

ONLY new hires WHO ATTENDED THE NEW HIRE INDUCTION may work on the Optional Planning Day.  These individuals have already earned their “flex day” by attending Induction and MAY NOT earn an additional “flex day” as they are not officially employees of SJCSD until the first official day of Pre-Planning.

The list of who attended the Induction is sent to each Principal.

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