Non-Instructional PD Opportunity FAQs

The Professional Development Opportunities listed in this section of the PD/Evaluations webpage have been specifically selected to align to the various job tasks within our Non-Instructional Categories.

These are NOT the only opportunities in which our Non-Instructional Employees may participate.

The Verification Forms have been provided in the event that a school or department wishes to hold their Non-Instructional Employees accountable for completing these particular learning opportunities. (These were created as requested by SJCSD Leadership as a method of documenting what our Non-Instructional employees were completing while home from work during the COVID-19 Pandemic.)

Documentation does not need to be submitted to the PD & Evaluations Department unless the participant holds a valid Florida Teaching Certificate and needs to earn inservice points for their certificate renewal.  Please contact Valerie Etienne-Leveille for the process of submitting for inservice points.

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