Update from Superintendent Forson, June 1

Please take a moment to watch the following important message from Superintendent Forson.

Transcript of the Message


I am Tim Forson, Superintendent of St. Johns County Schools.  Today, I would like to thank you for your support during the last quarter of the school year.  It was a challenging period for parents, staff, and students.

This summer we will be slowly opening our schools to camps and programs as we follow appropriate health and sanitation precautions.  We are also working diligently to prepare for a new school year with the hope that students and staff will be able to return to their schools.  Although schools may operate differently at the start of the school year, I understand the importance of the return to school operations on site.  You may be asked for input several times during the summer so that we can make high quality decisions in preparation for the new year.

Last week in our initial survey we have received more than 16,500 responses so far and are optimistic about the level of confidence in face to face learning in the fall with 69% supporting a return to school. I encourage you to fill out this survey for each of your children, but please just fill it out one time for each child to preserve the integrity of the survey and provide us the most accurate results possible.

Early requests may be in the form of surveys and as we approach early July you will be asked more specifically about your intent for your child based on the educational plan we have developed.  If at any time you would like to share a concern or inquiry, please do not hesitate to email me.  I will share your thoughts with district staff as we continue to plan.

The guidelines and recommendations of the CDC and D of H related to school reopenings will influence our decision-making and secondary strategies will be developed where some of these recommendations may be unachievable.

I would like to close by again saying thank you for your support during these unprecedented times and ask that you stay alert to future surveys and requests.