What will the new High School look like?

This High School will serve grades 9-12 and will be located on an approximately  69 acre site located on International Golf Parkway in northwest St. Johns County and will accommodate approximately 2,100 students.  This school was designed by utilizing a reuse of a middle/high school from another school district that was adapted to the best practices of the St. Johns County School District.  It is comprised of five separate buildings surrounding a secure courtyard.  These five buildings comprise the following Administration/Media Center; Auditorium, Gymnasium, Cafeteria and a Classroom Building.   The construction of High School “HHH” will be funded through Certificates of Participation (COPs).  This high school is expected to be completed in the summer of 2021 and open for the 2021-2022 school year.

By reusing an existing design for this new school, the School District will save both time and money.


Who will attend the new school?

The decision on Attendance Zones for High School HHH will be begin during the Winter of 2020.  This process will begin with a Town Hall Meeting and will solicit input from the community.  This will allow time for the many decisions needed for a new high school and allow for the building of a new community.

As a result of the School Choice legislation, will this school have capacity/controlled open enrollment?

In accordance with the District’s controlled open enrollment procedures, new schools will not be eligible until the completion of the third year of operation.

What grades will High School HHH serve in its opening year?

High School HHH will open with Grades 9-11.

Who will be the Principal? Teachers?

The principal for High School HHH will likely begin work in that role in the fall of 2020.  One of the first responsibilities of the new principal is to build a school staff. The Human Resources Department will develop a process for transfer of teacher and school staff and selection of new employees.  This will begin in the winter of 2021.

Will my child receive transportation?

Transportation bus routes are not developed until the spring of each school year. Generally, students that live within 2 miles of the school are not funded for bus transportation and, therefore, will not be eligible. Once developed, final bus routes will be communicated to parents.

What will be the start and end times for the new school?

The start time for High School HHH will be the same as other high schools.  School will start at 9:20 a.m. and release at 3:50 p.m. There will be a one-hour early release on Wednesday at 2:50 p.m.

What academic programs / ESE services/Advanced programs will exist at the new school?

Each of our schools provide a high quality academic program and the new high school will be no exception. Advanced programs are offered at all high schools. With respect to Special Education services, the School District serves all students with disabilities in the lease restrictive environment.  All schools have the following services available based on student need:  Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sign Language Interpreting.  Hearing Itinerant, Vision Itinerant, Speech/Language Therapy.  These services will be provided through consult/in-class support/resource models.  Gifted services will be provided by a consult model.  At this time, no decision has been made on whether High School HHH will have self-contained classrooms.

What Career Academies will be offered at High School HHH?

Three career academies are being explored for High School HHH:  Health & Wellness, Emerging Technology and Construction Management.  More details will be available on these programs soon.

When will the PTO for the school form?

After the new principal is selected, he/she will begin working with the school community on forming the PTO.

What technology will be available in the classroom?

There will be a presentation system including a document camera to display and magnify and sound enhancement technology in every classroom. There will also be fixed or mobile computer labs.

Where will I go to register my child while the school is under construction?

The school registration process begins online. More information is provided on the School District’s website.  Current students will not have to re-register, but will be transitioned based on the approved Attendance Zone.

Will students be able to bring tablets (laptop computers) from home?

Yes. Students bringing devices from home will sign a technology waiver form and must use the tablet/computer according to teacher/administrator guidelines.

Will we have e-books or textbooks?

Our students will have traditional textbooks in addition to online learning resources.

What types of clubs or extracurricular activities will be available?

Clubs/activities will develop through collaboration with students, parents, and staff.

Will there be a character education program?

SJCSD uses Character Counts! as the foundation for our character education programs.

How will student leadership be developed?

The development of student leadership is a goal at all SJCSD schools.

The principal determines the appropriate strategies and initiatives to implement at their school.

What resources will be available in the media center?

The media center will have a collection of both traditional books and eBooks.