Middle/K-8 School (Grades 6-8)

Middle/K-8 School- Letter from Superintendent Forson

What lessons will be taught and when?
Each school will work independently to determine when these lessons will be taught.  Please see lessons below and visit the links to view specific information for each topic:

Middle School

What if my child is absent?
Absences will be treated the same as any other excused or unexcused absence.  You may review the Student Code of Conduct for more information on absences.

Can I sit in on the lesson(s)?
No.  However, you may review the outline, videos, and information ahead of time, by viewing the links above listed by each session.

Will these lessons be age appropriate?
Lessons provided will be age and developmentally appropriate.  Although the target audience may be listed above your students grade level, please note that in these instances the target audience is listed based on reading level and not content.

Where can I find additional resources on the District website?
District Prevention Education
Social Service Agencies

Who do I contact with specific questions?
If you have specific questions regarding when these lessons will take place, please contact your school directly.  If you have additional questions after reviewing the content/topics above, you may contact David Barnes, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator (904.547.7732) or Daphne Harden, District Counselor for Middle & High Schools (904.547.7560) at our District Office.