Book Approval Process

  • Book approvals are done at the school level.
  • If you would like to use a book that is not already approved for use at your school, please submit a request for approval to your administration.
  • Books on the middle school and high school curriculum maps are “reserved”. They may only be used for instruction for the grade level listed.
  • When selecting a book for instruction, use professionalism and common sense.
  • All titles on teacher or school created book lists (including summer reading lists) must also be approved by school administrator.
  • Student selected books for outside or individual reading do not fall into this category unless teachers are using them for small/large group instructional purposes. However, teachers are always urged to offer appropriate guidance/supervision in book selection.
  • If you need assistance selecting a title to use for instruction, please contact your school library media specialist or literacy coach.


  • Please click here to access the Approved Book Application Form. Completed documents should be submitted to school-based administration for approval.