New Voicemail System

The IT Department is preparing to implement a new voice mail System for employees in Dec 2018.   Our current voice mail system is being discontinued by the vendor.   The new voice mail system is very similar to the current system in that each voice mail will also trigger an email that contains the voice file.   No speech to text translation will occur with the new system.   Employees will be able to listen to their voice mail from their assigned extension or via email.   All employees will be required to first setup up their voice mail box.  The voice mail setup process takes about 2-3 minutes and you are ready to go.

Here are some key dates and actions:

    1. Employees will receive a phone setup guide via email in early December 2018
    2. Planned Go Live for the new Voice Mail system is 6 December 2018
    3. After 12/6/18: Employees are to setup their voice mail box:
      1. Press the “Message” button on your phone
      2. Login to the voice mail system using the default password
      3. Follow the voice prompts:
        1. Record your name
        2. Record your standard personal greeting
        3. Set your password (min of 6 digits)
        4. Done
    4. Employees that need help can call the Help Desk at ext 1-Help