Science Fair

The 63rd annual State Science and Engineering Fair was held in Lakeland March 27-29.  Local judges selected 13 projects from among 95 displayed at the St. Johns County Science and Engineering Fair held February 7 to participate in the state fair. Five middle and 8 high school students from our county competed with students from 40 other fairs across the state.  In addition to the competition and comradery, students enjoyed a trip to Busch Gardens and a bowling excursion.

Emma Kee, Lourdes McKay, Aditya Singh, Madison Toonder, Landon McIntosh, and Alan Michael received special awards for their research.  In the categorical awards, Recognition awards were received by Alan Michael, Emma Kee, Courtney Krider, Landon McIntosh and Lourdes McKay.  Yara Chehade received Honorable Mention.  Madison Toonder and Aditya Singh received 4th place awards in their categories and Yash Singh received a 3rd place award for his research.  Emily Revuelta and Timothy Kellett each received 2nd place awards.

Two students, Yara Chehade, and Aditya Singh, both from Nease High School, will move on to the International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the week of May 14.  Marna Fox, science fair director, will accompany the students as they share their research and compete with students from around the world.

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