School Psychologists

School psychologists are District employees assigned to schools to provide support intended to help all students be successful learners. School psychologists are active members of each problem solving team and work closely with the schools as they implement Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) as part of the Response to Interventions (RtI) process. The school psychologist may serve as a resource to schools, students, and parents in the areas of data collection and analysis, intervention design and implementation, and professional and educational development. School psychologists may be providing school based counseling, social-skills groups, or other appropriate interventions, as deemed appropriate and necessary by the school based and/or District level personnel.

Each school psychologist is available to complete evaluations for those students suspected of being gifted or having a disability.  School psychologists also complete assessments as part of re-evaluations, as needed, for ESE students with identified disabilities as required by law.

School psychologists are included as part of school based Staffing Committees when eligibility for ESE services is being considered. They are often part of IEP teams and work closely with teachers, parents, and students to ensure the needs of each individual learner are met.

Questions regarding evaluations or a student’s contact with the school psychologist should be directed to the school’s assigned psychologist (see table below for contact information).