Position Control, File Management and Onboarding

The school district’s onboarding process requires oversight from several HR sub-departments. In the area of applications, the staff members are responsible for assisting both applicants and hiring authorities with all aspects of the application process from completing an application, to applying for vacancies and finally, recommending applicants for hire.  The Pre-employment area is responsible for introducing new hires to the way of the district and ensuring that their paperwork is completed as required.  Pre-employment also handles employee transfers and adjunct processing. Staff members in the Background Screening/Fingerprints area, as mandated by Law, are required to screen new hires, vendors, adjuncts, and interns before they are allowed on school district property. This area works closely with schools and departments, especially, Community Relations with respect to background clearances.

Position Control plays an important role in monitoring allocated staff positions for the entire District. Positions and employees are monitored to ensure that budgeted positions are posted, filled and maintained in accordance with School Board rules, Negotiated Agreements and past practice.  In addition, the Personnel Records area is charged with maintaining electronic personnel files for active and inactive employees.  This area is also responsible for acting on public records requests and subpoenas.