Early Childhood Services Update – November 2018

Every Monday that school is in session, the Early Childhood Services Department offers Family Engagement opportunities to the families of St. Johns County School District. Early Childhood Services staff work with parents to provide a variety of fun and engaging activities at the Yates Building, 47 Orange Street. The fun begins at 5:30 p.m. with dinner provided and last until 6:30 p.m.

The activities rotate every four weeks focusing on literacy, science, healthy cooking and eating, fitness and yoga and specific activities and ideas for parents to implement at home with their children. Activities are designed for young children of all ages and parent participation is welcome.

“Bigger than Books” is an evening based on storytelling and reading aloud to children. Children are able to participate in several activities based on the stories from that evening.

“Cookin’ Kids” includes families preparing healthy food options that are easy to make at home and make for a perfect healthy snack and mostly importantly it is fun to create together.

“Science is Fun” involves a night filled with science experiments and activities. Children and parents explore a variety of hands-on experiments related to a specific theme, whether it’s learning about the ocean or working with a beekeeper everyone will have fun.

“Once Upon a Mat” is an evening filled with a story and kids’ yoga activities. Children learn an assortment of different yoga moves and poses and breathing and relaxation techniques. While the children participate in yoga, parents are able to engage in parent workshops on successful parenting strategies to use at home.

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