Dual Enrollment Updates

September 24, 2020

Students must provide their SJR State Student X number on their dual enrollment paperwork or it will not be processed by SJR. Students can locate their X number in their Canvas account. SJR State will be giving dual enrollment students the PERT for spring placement.  If students were eligible to begin in the fall without a test score, they will not need to test for the spring.  But students who are either new, or need to be placed in an English or Math course, will need to register for the PERT (or provide the usual SAT or ACT scores).  SJR State will not be accepting the PSAT for the spring.

Beginning for Spring 2020, students can take the PERT remotely with SJR State.  Please be aware though that students need an X number in order to do the PERT remotely, so they will need a completed dual enrollment application on file before they can do this, but they can still do it on campus without an X number.  Students will take the PERT through their Canvas account if they choose to do it remotely or at one of SJR State’s on campus testing centers.

April 29, 2020

Click here for information returning Spring dual enrollment textbooks. Information for summer 2020 dual enrollment textbooks will be posted May 4 on the dual enrollment textbook page.

March 23, 2020

“Due to recent events, we feel it is prudent to move the summer registration/application deadline from April 15 to April 1. This will help ensure we have sufficient time to register students as we need the time in our office to work through paperwork in a different manner than usual.”

-Lindsay Hall, Dual Enrollment Specialist, SJR State College