Programs for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH)

In October, SJCSD staff presented at the state contact meeting for teachers of the deaf and visually impaired on the successful use of a research-based reading and language intervention used for students who use sign language. The SJCSD was one of two counties implementing this intervention that presented data and results. The data showed improved reading and language skills and a clear closing of the gap in reading levels.

In November, the DHH department will be featured by a statewide newsletter highlighting the Deafinition Competition. This competition was created by the district teachers of the deaf to support vocabulary growth for secondary students. The fourth annual Deafinition Competition will take place in March and uses vocabulary from statewide tests and secondary curriculum. The competition grows each year and includes many middle and high school students from St. Johns and neighboring counties, including FSDB.

The DHH department has partnered with Lend an Ear, a non-profit organization that provides hearing aids for those in need. In October Lend and Ear and SJCSD Deaf/Hard of Hearing staff participated in a hearing aid drive in Hastings in which 40 people started the process to receive free hearing aids. The DHH staff will assist in the final fitting of these hearing aids in December.