Space Day

Mr. PatelIn February, the St. Augustine High School Aerospace Academy hosted Space Day. Dr. Masson, Aerospace and Embry-Riddle dual enrollment course instructor, coordinated a guest visit and cross-curricular activities day.  The VIP guest, Mr. Shyamal Patel, is a class of 2009 alumnus and former Aerospace Academy participant who has been nominated for St. Augustine High School’s Hall-of-Fame.  Mr. Patel shared the prototype he developed during his time in the Aerospace program and has spent the past 10 years refining.  Ms. Gail Cullum, Mr. Patel’s former Aerospace Instructor, was in attendance to present him with a poster signed by current Aerospace students to commemorate his impact and inspiration on their career paths in Aerospace.

SAHS staff enthusiastically volunteered to teach Space Exploration oriented lessons, as they related to their core content areas.  Students were engaged and excited to learn!  Lessons included: A Brief History of Space Exploration, Student Group Project on Artificial Intelligence, Galileo/Isaac Newton/Copernicus, Watercolor Paintings of Celestial Bodies, GPS Scavenger Hunt, Impact of Space Exploration on Human Population, Philosophical Discussion on Space Exploration, and Analogy of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot speech, as compared to Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting.