Career and Technical Education Update – May 2018

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) recently published an infographic that connects workforce employability skills with CTE coursework.  These are great reminders for families to review together as they discuss both college and career readiness.

Fact Sheet on Career Readiness and Employability Skills

Fact Sheet on Career Readiness and Employability SkillsACTE has produced a new research-based fact sheet connecting the general workforce skills that employers most need—professionalism, teamwork, critical thinking, oral and written communication, leadership and more—with research demonstrating that CTE helps students develop career readiness and employability skills that have value across industries and career fields.

The research used addresses various aspects of CTE programs, including curriculum, work-based learning, career and technical student organizations and career guidance.

You can access this one-page publication and ACTE’s other fact sheets.

CTE Accomplishments

Pedro Menendez High School Students Win Skills USA Regionals

Masonry instructors and students

Masonry: Instructors Mike Rosenberg and Mike Beville with seniors Tyler Waldron; I’Leisha Smith; Frankie Perry; Emmie Edgar; Kaylee Folckemer; Eric Macy

Drafting students

Drafting Students Pictured: Justin Guerra, Laurence Gosselin, Hannah Hodge

Academy of Architectural & Building Sciences students competed in the Regional Masonry Competition in Starke where their team earned a first place award. Students advancing to the Skills USA State Competition this April in Pensacola, Florida are:

1st Place          Tyler Waldron
2nd Place          Eric Macy
3rd Place          Kaylee Folckemer

AutoCAD regional winners advancing to State are:

1st Place – Laurence Gosselin, Senior
2nd Place – Hannah Hodge, Junior
3rd Place – Justin Guerra, Junior

Ponte Vedra High School (PVHS) Academy of Biotechnology and Medical Research

Four students from PVHS Academy of Biotechnology and Medical Research were invited to present their research at the 55th Junior Science, Engineering and Humanities Symposium at the University of Florida on January 28-30.

  • Emma Kee,
  • Tim Kellett,
  • Courtney Krider
  • Louis Otero

Results of HOSA (Future Health Professionals) regional competition

The following students placed and will move to the State Leadership conference:

Courtney Binaco         3rd          Nutrition

Kaitlyn Copland
Windsyr Maughan      3rd        Health Career Display

Lily Fields
Sarah Fraga
Grace Littler                1st        Forensic Medicine

Claudia Frein
Kaitlin Landolfa
Sarah and Lydia Reimer 1st     Public Service Announcement

Nima Goodman
Naela Luna                  1st        Health Education

Zuri Goodman             1st        Medical Math
Kaley Liang                  4th        Medical Terminology
Julia Romano               1st        Medical Spelling
Gabby Savino              1st        Medical Law and Ethics
Ian Sisto                       2nd         Biomed Lab Science

Creekside High School’s Academy of Emerging Technology and Academy of Engineering and Environmental Sciences

  • Pressel’s classes have be wrapping up their Blue Schools Grant research funded by the St. Johns River Water Management District. The grant included two trips to both Julington-Durbin Preserve and Alpine Groves to test and compare water samples to determine the effects of the area construction on water quality in our community.
  • Cyberpatriot teams placed 5th, 7th. And 8th in the state of Florida, and 1st place for the state in the Gold division.

St. Augustine High School

Career and Technical Student Organization Competition Results:
Florida Future Educators of America (Teaching Academy)

  • Outstanding Chapter Award (5th year in a row)

Florida Public Service Association (FPSA)-Academy of Law and Homeland Security

  • Mason Davis               5th        Incident Report Writing
  • Cheyenne Sneyd          4th        Prepared Poster Display
  • Mason Davis elected Vice President FPSA State Student board
  • Hannah Beregsasy elected Sargeant at Arms FPSA State Student board

Technology Student Association-Aerospace Academy

  • Noah Law won $1,500 in scholarships at the event

Did you know?

145 Career Academy students have already applied for summer internships…the Career Academy team is working hard to find placements for all of them!