Positive Student Return to School Calculator

Positive Student Return to School Calculator

The below calculator can be used to calculate when your child may return to school after a POSITIVE test result.  For an accurate return date, please enter in (whichever came first) the date symptoms began or the positive test result date.  For example, if symptoms began on January 15th and the positive test was performed on January 18th, you would enter in January 15th below.

Date Symptoms Began OR The Positive Test Result Date

To place your child in quarantine for a POSITIVE test result, please click on the link below to complete the requested information.  Please note, that this information will be entered into our attendance system frequently, but this is not an automated process.

If you completed the above form to place your child in quarantine due to a POSITIVE test result you no longer need to contact the COVID Support Team, however, please continue to notify your child’s school.

To report optional quarantine for exposure, please call the District COVID Support Team at (904) 547-8230.

Please review the SJCSD Student Quarantine FAQs on the St. Johns County School District website for exposure protocol.

To let us know of your child receiving a positive COVID-19 test, we are asking that you complete the Optional Positive Student Reporting Form.