Top 20 Reasons

Listed below are the top 20 reasons St. Johns County School District selected WordPress as our website content management system (CMS).

WordPress …

  • is completely free and will be a great cost savings for the District.
  • … is the most popular self-hosted website content management system, running on 28% of the top 1 million sites on the internet.
  • … is “open source,” so countless developers are regularly improving it and adding to it.
  • … has a huge and active online community of users sharing tips and ideas.
  • … is thoroughly documented online.
  • … requires no special software other than a web browser to be used.
  • … lets you update your web site content via mobile devices.
  • … can automatically add links to pages and blog posts which you publish.
  • … has thousands of free “plugins” which can be used to add additional features to our websites.
  • … has an optional commenting system to get input from parents, students and the community.
  • … will allow you to preview web pages before you publish them.
  • … will allow you recover deleted web pages from a “Trash” area.
  • … will allow you to schedule content to be published at a date and time of your choosing.
  • … stores up to 10 past versions of pages, so you can revert to an old version if needed.
  • … periodically autosaves pages while you edit to prevent data loss.
  • … will let you customize your navigation menus with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • … will allow parents, students and the community to subscribe to your site updates via Really Simple Syndication (RSS).
  • … can be integrated with our existing account management system, so users may login with their same E00 username and password.
  • … will facilitate the development of mobile websites for our schools.
  • … removes the need to use FirstClass as our District’s email system.