A Great Place to Work

These are just a few of the many benefits to working in St. Johns County, FL.


  1. No Income Tax – In Florida residents are fortunate to not have to pay income tax! This leaves you with more in your pocket.
  2. Climate and Environment – No matter where you are in the state, there are beautiful places and spaces. The weather is vacation worthy on a daily basis and weekend adventure isn’t too far away.
  3. Vacation Destinations – With Florida being such a large state, there are many places to visit and vacation to that are within a reasonable drive. Not to mention, Disney World!
  4. Class sizes – In the state of Florida, our class sizes are managed to keep our classes smaller, which allows teacher to know their students better!
  5. Competitive compensation – Compensation for teaching is at a competitive rate with other states, it’s manageable to live on the salary you receive.
  6. Beaches – A beach escape is never far!
  7. Events and cities – With several large cities in Florida, there are several different sporting teams, concerts and events happening all year long.