Citizens Advisory Committee First Meeting – July 21

The first general meeting of the Citizens Advisory Committee will be held on July 21 in the School Board Auditorium at 40 Orange Street. At the first meeting, the committee will elect a Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair will preside over the meetings of the committee and serve as the liaison to the School Board and the district staff. The Vice-Chair will perform the Chair’s duties in the Chair’s absence. During the meeting on July 21, the committee will be given an overview of Florida’s Sunshine Law and will also discuss the screening process to be used to reduce the candidate pool.


Superintendent’s Search Citizens Advisory Committee Members

Alecia Bailey

Amanda Stevens

Audrey Mazzotta

Bobby Crum

Carole Gauronskas

Claudia Dencer

Conley Weiss

David Shoar

Deltra Long

Dick Williams

James Mapes

Jason Barrett

Jeffrey Stoddard

Jennifer Mason

John Alexander

Joseph Ramsey

Katherine Batenhorst

Kim McNickle

Kyle Dresback

Larry Lake

Lauren Abell

Laurie Zentz

Melissa Nelson

Michael Wanchick

Michele Wiles

Michelle Dillon

Minda Gordon

Tiffany Davis-Baer

Victor Raymos

William Abare

William Young