School Safety

Emergency Preparedness

The St. Johns County School District is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for your child. Each St. Johns County school has an Emergency Operations Plan with incident specific procedures that is reviewed and practiced regularly. These plans have been formulated using Federal Emergency Operations Agency and Department of Education guidelines that conform to federal, state and local guidelines. They have been coordinated with St. Johns County Emergency Services including law enforcement, fire and rescue, and the Emergency Operations Center.

All principals are linked to the District’s Crisis Management Team through telephone landlines, cellular phones and/or two way radios. Our school district works closely with local public safety officials using their expertise and input. Regular safety, health, security and fire inspections take place each year in all district schools. All district schools have been designated as shelters to be used in the event of a hurricane or other emergency requiring temporary shelter. Each school has a Safety Committee that meets a minimum of four times per year to discuss issues of safety and security. Fire drills are conducted each month beginning with two in August. We also practice tornado, lockdown, bomb and AED Response Drills and instruct students in procedures used for shelter in place drills. Bus evacuation drills are held once each semester.

All St. Johns County high school and middle schools are assigned full time Youth Resource Deputies and provide support to all elementary schools. These resource officers are St. Johns County Deputies and have received extensive training in working with students and local schools. The Office of Safe Schools Information on Crisis Planning, suggests that schools clearly let families know they should not call the school’s direct line or come to the campus during an emergency. If the school has not been evacuated, calls could tie up desperately needed communication lines in and out of the school and parents’ cars could physically block law enforcement, fire/rescue and other first responders]. Therefore, in the event of a crisis we will: Communicate that a crisis has occurred; provide specific directions on what to do and not to do; and, ensure all possible steps are being taken to see to the safety of your children and that you will be reunified with your child as soon as it is safe to do so.

Every school has specific plans for the reunification of parents and their children in the event of a major emergency. Under certain circumstances students may be evacuated to another site. In the event a school is evacuated a primary relocation site will be designated. To communicate with parents and families in a crisis, our primary communication system will be, Alert Now. This system provides instant telephone and email communication accepting up to five phone numbers and email addresses per student. Our system can be used for emergency calls, community outreach, special events, and other school/district messages. Information will also be available on our website at:

A District counseling team, school psychologists, social workers, and counselors, trained in crisis intervention, are available to students and their families in all emergencies. All high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools are equipped with AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator). Each school has CPR/AED certified faculty and staff and an AED Response team. If at any time you have concerns about the safety of your child or issues concerning safety or security please call the school.