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Acceptable Use Procedures (AUP)

Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of the AUP is to ensure the safety, reliability, accountability, data integrity and security of the digital network and other district technology resources.  It also protects our students, staff and technology resources. Separate Acceptable Use Procedures (AUP) documents are provided for students/visitors and employees of St. Johns County School District.

The Acceptable Use Procedures (AUP) for students and visitors can be found as Appendix A of the 2012 Technology Plan.  The revised Student AUP has been condensed to focus solely on students and visitors.

School Board Rule 6.83 contains the District’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  This document provides supplemental Acceptable Use Procedures and Guidelines for employees.

Download and view the complete Acceptable Use Procedures (AUP) documents and forms using the links on the right.


Last Modified: Mar 13, 2014